JCF Scholarship List

Scholarship NameAmountApplication DueDescription
BRAD RUSSELL SCHOLARSHIP$1,000March-01$1,000 scholarship payable upon successful completion of the fall semester and continuing enrollment through the spring semester. To honor Bradley Russell we require the applicant to be attending secondary education studying for a career in the skilled trades. Example: Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, HVAC Technician, Auto or Truck Mechanic, etc.
DAN WENKMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP$750March-01The recipient shall be a graduating senior from the Jefferson High School and must have attended the school for all four years. Must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and show intent to pursue a career in education or other career involving at-risk or indigent children. The student must have been accepted into a two or four-year accredited college/university or technical school. The student must have experience in community advocacy or must have volunteered in an organization involving at-risk youth or indigent individuals. (e.g., involvement in church, volunteering in homeless shelter, participated in Jefferson community activities outside of high school, etc.) The student must be eligible for financial aid at the two or four-year college or university of their choosing.
DR JOHN PHELPS SCHOLARSHIP$500March-01Open to all Jefferson High School graduating seniors
FERN FERNHOLZ GOFF SCHOLARSHIPVaries up to $400March-01Based on scholastic achievement rather than financial need. Must enroll in one of the 13 Universityof Wisconsin campuses.
FRIEDEL SCHOLARSHIPVaries up to $200March-01Scholastic aptitude, moral character and extracurricular activities. Involved in forensics, drama or music.
KIWANIS SCHOLARSHIP$2,000March-01The Kiwanis Citizenship Awards are designed to recognize "all-around" students for contributions made to their schools,homes, andcommunities. Theywill have demonstratedpositive leadership,unselfish service,and willing involvement. This is a $2,000 cash award and is paid directly to each winner, a male and a female, upon presentation of his/her first semester grade report from a recognized college, university, vocational college, or technical school, proving successful completion of the semester as a full-time student (at least 12 credits) in good academic standing.
SHARI A BIWER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP$1,000March-01For students pursuing a career in the nursing field. Available to students attending technical college or a university. Must be a Jefferson High School graduate and attended for a minimum of 4 semesters. Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.
SPORTSMEN'S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP$1,000March-01Must have at least a "C" average and enter conservation, natural resources, environmental sciences, or related study.
STUART & STANLEY HAKE SCHOLARSHIPUp to $7,000March-01Must be a graduate ofJefferson High School in the top 1/3 of their class pursuing an agricultural-related education. Applicants should note that a wide spectrum of courses of study are considered to be agricultural related. Examples include veterinary science, landscaping, horticulture, DNR, meat/animal production and agriculture. The recipient may attend a four-year universityor college, UW short course or a one or two year technical school. This scholarship is not automatically renewable, but recipients may apply again in subsequent years. The award will be paid to the designated post-secondary institution upon presentation of the recipient?s first semester grade report proving successful completion of the semester as a full-time student (at least 12 credits) in good academic standing as well as proof of enrollment for the second semester in courses within the intended agriculture-related curriculum. The proof shall be provided to the Jefferson High School Counseling Department.
TAMI HESS SCHOLARSHIP$600March-01Must be a graduate of Jefferson High School and have attended for 3 semesters. Must have a GPA of 2.25 or higher. Will be either a special education student attending a 2 or 4-year college or a student attending a 2 or 4-year college pursuing a degree in education or special education.
DON DUNNINGTON SCHOLARSHIP$500March-01Must have obtained a grade point average of 2.75 or better - enrolled in college, university or technical school of choice. Based on involvement in extracurricular, community and church activities.
DR BRIAN TURLEY SCHOLARSHIP$1,000March-01Must be majoring in a health care profession.
FT MEM HEALTH/HANDEYSIDE SCHOLARSHIP$1000-$3000/ea totalling $10,000March-01Must be pursuing any health-related field. Apply online at http://www.FortHealthCare.com/scholarships
JEFFERSON SNO-HAWKS SCHOLARSHIP$500December-09Must be a graduating senior with at least a "C" average. Must be accepted and enrolled in an accredited college, technical school, or an apprenticeship program. Must have demonstrated an appreciation and concern for our natural resources. Financial need will be a consideration.
JOE DAVIES SCHOLARSHIP$20,000 Total ($5,000/yr)March-01The candidate must have been enrolled in the participating high school for a period of not less than four semesters prior to graduation. The candidate must be a member of the current graduation class and must have maintained an overall average of "B" or better for seven semesters of high school. Must be attending UW-Madison.
JULE SMITH SCHOLARSHIP$500March-01Must be enrolled in a 4-year college, accredited technical school, or an accredited DWD registered apprenticeship.
REINEL LAW ENFORCEMENT SCHOLARSHIP$2000 Total ($1000/yr)March-01For students pursuing a career in police and/or forensic science.
ROBERT COWLEY SCHOLARSHIP$500 eachMarch-01Must be in upper 1/3 of graduating class and attend college or technical school. Two awards given each year.
TRISHA ROCKSTROH KERR SCHOLARSHIP$1,000March-01The recipient shall be a graduating student from Jefferson High School and must have attended Jefferson High School for at least four semesters. The student must have obtained a grade point average of 2.6 or higher after seven semesters of coursework. The student shall have high moral character and have set high standards for him/herself. The student must have a strong desire to help others as evidenced bythe types of activities they have been involved in outside of the classroom. The student must be accepted and enrolled in an accredited college/technical school.
URANIA BIENFANG SCHOLARSHIP$3,500March-01Available to students who are pursuing any course of study.
URANIA BIENFANG SCHOLARSHIP$4,000/yrMarch-01This scholarship is available to students whose post-secondary educational goal is in the field of nursing or Ophthalmology.