Ways of Giving

All donations to the Jefferson Community Foundation are tax deductible. Gifts can be made in many ways.

Cash Gifts
Checks may simply be made payable to the Jefferson Community Foundation.

Gifts of marketable securities of appreciated value may be of considerable benefit to the donor. Usually full fair market value of the stocks can be deducted as a charitable donation.

Deferred Gift
It is possible to make a deferred gift of a future interest. During one’s lifetime the donor retains the life interest in the property tand leaves the remaining interest to the Foundation.

Real Estate
Similar to securities, gifts of appreciated property may have tax advantages for donors.

Life Insurance
By making small, annual tax deductible premium payments, a life insurance policy can be purchased name the Foundation as owner and beneficiary, thus creating a much larger gift than might otherwise be possible.

A bequest is a gift given through a will or trust. A specific amount of money or a percentage of an estate can be designated. Or, the remainder of an estate may be donated to the Foundation after taxes, expenses or other bequests have been fulfilled.

Donations can be mailed to:
Jefferson Community Foundation
P.O. Box 81
Jefferson, WI 53549